Goodreads Reading Challenge 2017

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2017 -

Hi Guys!

How’s everyone doing? Did everyone had a good start of the year? My new year started from 3rd January because I completed all my deadlines on 2nd January.

One of my favorite things about the new year is Goodreads Reading Challenge. It is always fun to see how I did in the previous year and then setting the goal for the next year is always such a satisfying experience. Does anybody else feels the same?

This year my goal is to read 30 books. It is my usual number. I have been maintaining it from the last three years. The first time I set it to 30 it was quite a struggle to achieve but the following years I’d always read more than 30 books, maybe 31 or 37 like this year. 😀 Trail and error has proven 30 is what works well for me. I remember four years ago I set my goal to 50 books and that was the time I got back to reading after a long hiatus and it was such a struggle. I was almost annoyed by the end and that’s when I resolved to choose a practical goal over hating to read.

According to my goal, if I read 2.5 books a month, I will easily achieve it by December. The good thing is I am already done with two books this and am deciding what to read next. Can’t wait to read some really fun books this year. Not much of a contemporary lover but I am feeling serious contemporary and stand alone vibes this year. *excited*

How many books do you plan to read this year? What genre are you most excited about this year? Do let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Fatima xx

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MOVIE REVIEW: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

*spoiler free*


I am pretty sure by now almost everyone has watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. But I do know a few friends who haven’t because they are uncertain about their feelings towards the ‘new era’ of the wizarding world. So if you are one of those people who haven’t watched FBAWTFT yet, this spoiler free review is for you.

I was absolutely thrilled to know a new J.K. Rowling wizarding world movie was coming out. I knew I would watch it as soon as it hit the cinemas here but when it released I started having mixed feelings and semi decided that it is fine, I will watch it on DVD. Then by some stroke of luck we made a sudden plan to watch it.

In my opinion it was amazing and I would highly recommend everyone to go watch it. Even if you are not sure, just go. Watch it once and then you can decide/be sure if you want to watch the later installments because I think there are four more movies coming over the next couple of years.

The storyline was superb. It was intriguing, magical and a bit spooky too. I wasn’t ready for it, ha. The new set of characters were interesting. They all had a different story to tell. I absolutely loved the new gang. They were dope. I usually lose interest in movies even if I am watching them in the cinema but this one had me all my attention from the very beginning.

To be honest, I didn’t miss anyone from the HP movies even though I love those characters and world to bits. This just proves how good FBAWTFT was. Now, I am super excited to know what the next install in this series will be like and a bit curious to know what characters will make a reappearance. Definitely dying to see Dumbledore.

Did you see FBAWTFT? What did you think about it?

Much love xx